The Political Archivist

As a long-time political junkie who tried to persuade his fifth grade class to support Hubert Humphrey, my interests in media found constant synergy with political campaigns. As soon as I had the capacities to record video I began archiving any political events, interviews, and debates which I thought would become significant in the future. I’ve recorded rallies, primaries, inaugurations and funerals. I’ve captured classic phrases from “There you go again” to “Where’s the beef.”

Mercifully, digital technology developed sufficiently enough for me to catalog, condense, and preserve the best moments and transform pounds of VHS cassettes into a few ounces of shining DVD’s. Instantaneous access to indexed chapters and digital playback features are but a few of the benefits now available to any media collector.

I congratulate our new President Elect Obama, wish him well, and will be busily coordinating on disc –  the greatest hits of campaign 2008. 


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